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Blogs that you must look at

November 14, 2009

You really can never get in too much reading when it comes to presentation design, so with this in mind I have put together a list of a few blogs that are what I would probably describe as “mandatory reading” for anyone who gives presentations.

1. Presenting is simple (It’s just not easy)

The blog of Rowan Manahan, a career consultant and presentation guru is without a doubt one of the best blogs out there when it comes to materials about presenting. His advice can help you craft unique, effective and engaging presentations. Rowan also writes another gem of a blog @ which contains a wonderful array of articles, presentations and recordings of his views and advice on surviving in the workplace.

2. Presentation Zen

One of our biggest influences is Mr. Garr Reynolds who writes the truly wonderful Presentation Zen blog (and wonderful book by the same name). Garr has a superhuman like talent for crafting slides that really tell the story by distilling the content down to its core. His mantra of “Maximum effect with minimum means” is very evident and consistent throughout all his work, subscribe to his blog and receive all the Presentation Zen wisdom you can!

3. Duarte blog

Duarte, the design company behind Al Gores groundbreaking presentation “An Inconvenient Truth”, maintain a wonderful blog which boasts materials on how to not only construct – but really think about – presentations.  The Duarte team aren’t afraid to have a little fun and there are regular fun features on their blog such as the annual company pumpkin competition at Halloween.

4. Powerpoint Ninja

Powerpoint Ninja has a great selection of posts, mainly “how to” articles on how to get the most out of powerpoint regarding fonts, animations, graphics, design tips etc.

5. Six Minutes

Six Minutes, the “public speaking and presentation skills blog” is a great resource for anyone that makes presentations or speeches, the author addresses every topic relevant to speaking in public and writes and links to great material from the world of speech writing, delivery techniques, visual aides and much much more. Well worth a look.

6. Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint blog

Dave writes a great blog which contains very regular “how to” videos that can teach you how to achieve much more effective slides. Watch out for his “slide makeovers” where he offers a critique of what needs to be changed, and more importantly why.

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