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Presentation Remotes – You need one!

December 5, 2009

Presentation remotes really are a must-have for anyone who presents with any sort of frequency.

The handheld remotes or “clickers” have a wireless receiver which slots into your usb port and allows you to move your slides forward and backward from a distance (some have frankly absurd ranges that allow you to be 100 or more feet away from the actual computer).

Using a presentation remote allows you to step away from the keyboard or podium and really connect with your audience in a less rigid, more human manner. You can wave goodbye to the days of being stooped over a keyboard trying to locate the arrow key.

Presentation remotes are not all that cheap, the presentation remote that I use, the Kensington 33374 (above) cost in the region of €60. However while they are a tad pricey they really are a great investment that will last you many many years.

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