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A very gutsy pitch

January 11, 2010

Not too long ago I read an interesting piece in a great book “The Definitive business pitch” regarding a rather unorthodox and gutsy pitch given by an advertising agency to the British Rail management in the 1980’s.

The management at British Rail were holding a day-long session of pitches to try and identify the best marketing agency for their requirements, it would seem that at the time the public had a less than rosy relationship with the brand and they wanted this to change. And by the end of the day the final agency that had been due to pitch for the account hadn’t shown up for their slot…

After 10 minutes had passed and there were no sign of the presenters the management team decided that enough was enough and started to get out of their seats in somewhat of a “huff”.

It was at that moment that the agency team – who had been waiting outside for some time – casually strolled into the room… “We know how your customers feel” and by this stage so too did the management: left waiting, with no information and with staff who seem rather uninterested.

If you can show your audience that you really understand their problems then you show that you have a superior knowledge of their specific needs and requirements. Do this and you will have a much greater chance of success with your pitch.

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