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Time you sought professional help?

January 27, 2010

Presentations matter, in many situations they are the first point of contact with prospective customers and set the tone for your relationships going forward. So whether directly or indirectly presentations result in sales, and therefore it should be ensured that these presentations are effective.

With this in mind it really is quite amazing that in the business world the prevalence of poorly designed and delivered presentations is as great as it is. And it doesn’t really make all that much sense that presentations should be allowed to continue on in such a bad state, because for the most part companies – especially the larger ones – leave very little to chance when it comes to their image.

For example these companies would – almost without exception – not accept equally poorly designed websites, letterheads, logos, pens, brochures, corporate videos (well maybe), newspaper adverts, tv adverts, radio adverts, etc… The point is that these things are not left to chance. They are not left to chance because it has been acknowledged that all aspects of a brand count, yes, even the headed paper.

This is where training and outsourcing come in. For example, it may surprise you, but I am not good at brick laying, in fact if I were to require a sturdy wall that I could depend on I would not even consider the option of trying to build it myself, I would hire a professional. When a presentation REALLY matters, organisations should be quicker to acknowledge that they need professional help and start searching for the right presentation professional.

Another way to solve this problem is through training. Given that presenting will be such an important activity for a company proper presentation training is surely a wise investment. This could range from getting in a training consultant, or something as simple as buying all of your staff two books: “Presentation Zen” and “Clear and to the Point” by Stephen M. Kosslyn.

Going back to the bricklaying example, my chances of success would quite clearly be increased if I owned the top two books on effective bricklaying… or was trained by a knowledgeable brickie.

Presentations matter. And sometimes you need to bring in the specialists!

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