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Where to find great images for your presentation

March 2, 2010

Finding the right images for your presentation is of great importance, a great image can really help you make a good impression, provoke a thought in your audience or back up a point you are making, a poor image can make a complete dogs dinner of your slide and more importantly distract from the information you are trying to present.

We are often told by presentation experts that we need to find relevant, appropriate, high-resolution pictures to compliment our information… this is undoubtedly good advice, the only problem is that these experts tend to keep awfully quiet when it comes to WHERE to find these images. This then leads to the truly unfortunate situation in which people resort to MS Clip Art (shudder)

The first port of call for any casual presenter should be to check out Google Images @, but when searching for images be sure to click on “show options” and search for Large Images only, this will show you only high-res images which is exactly what you want. Here is a nice high-res image I came across on Google Images

Second up is a great site “Flickr” @, this is a wonderful site full of amazing user-generated content. The quality of material on this site is fantastic and you will be astonished at the quality of images you can get there. Most users allow their photos to be used in a non-commercial manner and allow you access to various file sizes (including super-duper-res images). Here is a beauty from Flickr

Stock photography that CAN be used in a commercial manner is a pricey affair, the leader in this field is and they charge an absolute packet for even a medium sized image (in and around the €10 mark). I have however found a cheap alternative that boasts images of a similar quality @ Here you can get pretty much every large image from about €1.50, so it allows you to have a presentation full of super quality images without having to be Donald Trump! Here is an image I bought on Canstock a while back

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  1. Graham permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:18 am

    Also, for free user generated stock photography, is brilliant, I have used images from them for nearly all my projects.

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