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Presentation lessons from Twitter

March 19, 2010

I am quite a big fan of Twitter (my username is @clearpreso if you are interested), However I do not subscribe to the belief that it will replace email, take over the world, etc etc etc (insert random over the top statement about twitter here). I do find it is a very useful social media tool and I also believe that it will have some other positive effects on the business community as a whole.

What Twitter has done is help people realise that if they really try hard – not even all that hard – they can condense their message into a nice, short, concise, 140 character sentence. We can only hope that this widespread realisation that short messages can still tell, teach, inform and spread ideas will spill over into other areas of business communications such as reports and presentations.

Unfortunately we are taught from a young age that more is more. In school the longer you write your essay the better, the thicker the text book you purchase the better, the longer your speech on any subject the better. While on the face of it this might seem like a sensible stance to take (who doesn’t want more of anything right?)… in most cases it isn’t. Our brains are wonderful things, but not so wonderful as to be able to absorb hour after hour, page after page or slide after slide of information.

In my humble opinion Twitter is helping people realise that short messages can still pack a large punch, and perhaps we can expect to see reports and presentations follow suit.

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