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Practising your presentation on the move

April 28, 2010

We are all busy folk these days and finding enough time to look over your presentation is tough. While in college I discovered a pretty nifty way to get in some extra practise/familiarisation of my slide, and also allowed me to reclaim some of my “wasted” commute time every day.

It might seem like a long time ago, but not all that long ago very few of us had phones with big colour screens, and very few of us even had an ipod or mp3 player with a colour screen. Of course now every man, woman and child seems to have either have a phone or mp3 player with a giant, relatively high-definition screen, which makes what I am about to tell you very applicable to the average person.

My love of all things presentation related started when I was in College studying a business degree, we delivered an awful lot of presentations in our first year and I will be honest I tended to be hideously nervous the day or so before the presentation.
I have always found that more preparation and practise lead to far lesser levels of pre-preso-fear, and less fear meant far superior performances. Practise is however just a tad time consuming. So I decided that I needed to find a way to use my considerable commute time every day to look over presentations in the days beforehand.

After much tinkering around with Powerpoint I came up with a rather straightforward solution. It is possible in a number of clicks to save all slides as jpeg image files, and then you can save the jpegs on to your iPod, phone etc. (provided it has an image viewing program). So with a little poking about I had myself a way to look over slides whenever, and wherever I wanted.

For those of you wondering how to do this, it is foolishly simple (although powerpoint often does it’s best to hide the simple things), simply go to File, save as, and choose jpeg, click “all slides”, pop them on your phone, iPod etc and there you have it, practise away from your computer made easy!

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