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Should powerpoint transitions come with a warning?

August 31, 2010

I spoke before about some of the new truly horrifying transitions that come included in the new Powerpoint 2010, to check out the little video I put together why not click here and be appalled!

I was wondering if there might be a way to give potential users of these transitions a warning before they employ such transitions in your presentation?

For example, I am writing this blog post in MS Word, if I were to do something foolish like click on the close button without saving it tells me “Do you want to saves changes you made to Document1”, well actually yes I would! Isn’t it so lucky that they decided to warn me of my impending mistake!

Perhaps a similar warning could be brought up when you click on the “VORTEX” transition, or any of the “exciting” or “dynamic” transitions, in Powerpoint. Something like this:

I think that might do the trick in warning people of the perils of such a RIDICULOUS transition.

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