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Putting your slides on your Phone, mp3 player (or anything with a screen)

November 17, 2010

If you want your presentation delivery to be tip top you need to rehearse it. A lot. The more familiar and comfortable you are with your slides and what you are going to say the more flawless your performance will seem.

But there is one obvious problem here, practise takes time, and not all of us have great swathes of free time. Or do we?

When I was in college and getting quite serious about my presenting, I figured out a way that I could use my commute time to look over my slides and get comfortable with them in the run up to important talks. And it is something that we can all do quite easily.

At the time I had one of the first iPods that supported image files in colour, at the time this seemed somewhat revolutionary, I guess now stuff like that is just pretty standard. Pretty much any mobile phone these days allows you to store and view image files. So things are even easier than before.

So, without further ado, here are the steps I used to go through in order to get my presentation on my mobile device, no apps are needed, no special tech etc, just some simple procedures.

Now you will have the slides on your mobile device, albeit it in novelty miniature size, and you can look over them on the train, bus, when you are out walking, at a cafe, whenever suits you!

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