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Free Presentation Makeover Competition

January 18, 2011

Get a FREE presentation makeover from Clear Presentation Design (up to a value of €600)

From time to time I put out an offer on twitter for people to test out the abilities of Clear Presentation Design by way of free sample. I have done a good few of these and I think (hope!) that the majority of the recipients of these have been happy with the results they have seen. Many people decided to come back and get their whole presentation redesigned, others have helped me spread the word about my business, and to both groups I am truly grateful.

So with 2011 – and my second year of business – kicking into full flow I thought it was time I went the whole hog and ran a competition for a presentation makeover for free to an Irish startup (edit: or from around the world). Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

There are two reasons I want to do this, one (only slightly) selfish, one more kind-hearted.

  • Firstly, I hope that people will be so kind as to spread the word about this competition to anyone they think might be interested, and in return some people who may never have come across Clear Presentation Design might find out about the services we offer. That would be fantastic and that’s my selfish angle!
  • Secondly, I really enjoy being part of the Irish small business community and I hope that 2011 is kind to all businesses in Ireland who had to brave a rather dire 2010. By offering a free presentation makeover to an interested party I hope I can contribute in a small way to the success of an Irish business and if I can do that I will feel happy and very much proud to have done my part.

If you are a business (big or small) who has a sales presentation that is in need of a refurbishment, a big pitch for investment in need of getting just right or a conference keynote that needs to be more simple, clear and engaging be sure to enter the competition.  And if you know anyone else who might be in a similar situation I would be more than grateful if you could tell them about this too.

Entering is simple, just email your presentation to me (Ed) at Clearpreso@gmail . com

Entries will be accepted up to 8th February 2011 – The winner will be drawn out of an actual hat on the 9th and I will even select & announce it by way of video to show you all that everything is above board.

A few points to bare in mind:

  • I hate people who spam me, in keeping with my hate of spam you can expect to receive a grand total of NO spam from me if you enter the competition. I don’t do mass messages, and the only contact you will get from me is a thanks, a mail telling you if you won or not and possibly a twitter invite (it’s good to talk), you can find me at
  • Some presentations can be a little on the gigantic size, for the purposes of this competition the work on the presentation will be capped @ €600 ex-vat – the vast majority of our presentation makeovers have come it at just below this. If your presentation is a little bloated we’ll even help you cut it down to size!
  • This competition was previously only open to Irish-based businesses but as of now submissions can come from any business anywhere.

Good Luck and speak to you soon,


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  1. January 19, 2011 9:50 am


    Good competition & idea. Good luck with it. Will spread the word.


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