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NDRC Talk – a few bits and pieces

February 4, 2011

For all the nice folk who I presented to this morning I have put together a few bits and pieces that you may (or may not) be interested in.

The first is the slides from today, or something very very close to them, this is a talk I gave at Bizcamp which covered the same stuff, and a bit more.

Secondly, we talked a bit about video demos and that sort of thing, I have put a few examples below, they are a bit longer than is ideal, but still get the points across.

Next up is a good and very simple guide on how to structure a pitch to a venture capitalist (or any potential investor/judge/interested party I would say). The slides are not mine, and are quite crude, but are very on the money when it comes to what people will want to see.

For the audio I would consider buying one of these: (the audio in these vids was with a lesser mic, you can find a video of mine with good audio here)

I would also say that you should invest in a nice clicker for your slides so you don’t have to be hunched in front of the computer, or have someone else progress the slides for you. I know you guys have one already at the NDRC, but you should all get one as you’ll probably give a lot of presentations over the next while and it is just handy to own one. My favourite is:

There is some good stuff throughout this blog that might help you out with your presentations to feel free to browse away!

If you want to get in touch about anything presentation related, or business start-up related (I am only 1 year in business so I know too well the struggles of getting the word out there!) you can email me @ clearpreso@gmail . com or get in touch on twitter @ I live near Dun Laoghaire so if you live near we can grab a coffee.

Hope you enjoyed the talk today and got a few useful bits and pieces, and good luck with your projects.


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