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Hey Irish startups, here are 5 reasons I’d love to work with you on your next big presentation!

April 18, 2012

Hi, I’m Ed and I run Clear Presentation Design, I’m a tweeter, blogger, photographer (wannabe) but more importantly a presentation designer that can help you deliver awesome presentations that get results.

I live and work in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin and work with companies of all sizes, from big business – to SME’s – to one man bands, to create simple, clear and engaging presentations.

I really love working with startups and small businesses (because I run one myself), so if you run one, or work for one I’d love to get in touch with you and see if I can help you create amazing content and visuals for your presentations, because I love watching startups go out there and kick ass!

So, why should you consider working with me? Well let me tell you in five short points!


1. My presentations can get you results

My clients get results! Last year two clients I worked with on creating great presentations won substantial funding in prestigious startup competitions in Ireland. These companies were entering funding competitions and needed brilliant presentations that could convince the judges that their idea was head and shoulders above the rest.

The first client, Tethras (a wonderful company offering App localisation) ended up winning €20k in funding in the Seedcorn Business Competition.

The second client I also worked with was who were pitching at the finals of the NDRC Launchpad competition. Scrazzl also ended up winning €20k in funding! I have continued to work with David and his team on great presentations (you can check out one here) and they are going from strength to strength.

If you want a killer slide-deck for customers, partners or investors, then Ed is your man. Ed worked with us on a number of projects and his attention to detail and creativity was really impressive. Ed has been and continues to be a great marketing asset for our business
David Kavanagh, CEO of Scrazzl

2. Better presentations through better understanding – Equal parts business knowledge and design

I am not a trained graphic designer, and for business presentations that’s a good thing. I have found that traditional graphic designers just don’t understand how audiences really interact with presentation slides and end up producing an end product which looks “on brand” but does an awful job at communicating information to the audience!

I do however have a great design sense and create great visuals, however this is always with an understanding of the business situation at hand.

I graduated with a business (BComm) degree from University College Dublin where I studied everything from finance to HR but ended up specialising in what I loved, which was marketing. It was in college that I became fascinated with how to make presentations more clear, engaging and effective. I went on to represent the University at two presentation competitions around the world, and after college and a few jobs in the areas of marketing and data analysis I decided that I would make creating better presentations my day job, so I created Clear Presentation Design.

Engaging visuals are only half the battle of any presentation. The other half is getting the story of the product or idea right, because I understand the business side I can help with this too. Typically I help clients get the story of their business proposition right and THEN look at how great design can help communicate that idea in a clear, engaging and memorable fashion to the intended audience.

3. I can help your presentation have a longer lifespan, further reach

One of the more annoying problems with presentations is that once they are done, they are done. This can be pretty annoying, especially if you have put weeks of work into creating an awesome presentation. In an ideal world this presentation could live on in another form and reach other people who are interested in your product or service. Well you’re in luck! With some minor tweaks here or there I can help you ensure that your presentation can have a longer lifespan and reach more people… Online!

In the past I have worked with clients on creating recorded versions of their presentation which can be uploaded to their website, twitter, youtube, facebook… basically anywhere your target audience are. I have also had great success with creating versions of presentations that work well on which is essentially the “Youtube” for presentations.

When used properly online resources like this can get your content many thousands of views and allows that content you have worked so hard on to reach people who couldn’t be in the audience on the day of your presentation.

4. We’ll make a great presentation with world beating design

Although official presentation “credentials” are hard to come by I can tell you that in the last two editions of’s  “Worlds Best Presentation Contest” I finished in the top 10 (out of several thousand entries) on both occasions, so you can rest assured that I am pretty good at what I do 🙂

I have had continued success with my Slideshare uploads and my latest deck was shared heavily on social media and since its upload it has amassed over 90k views!

5. Zero risk, try my services for free!

I understand that making the decision to bring in design services can be a tough one to make, it can be hard to visualise what the end result might be like. So with that in mind I offer a free trial of my services! You can send me an existing presentation (or even sketched up slides on a piece of paper) and I will redesign and send you back 3 or 4 of the tougher slides along with some feedback. And as I mentioned before that’s FREE 🙂

Not everyone decides to go ahead and get the whole presentation done and that’s fine, but about four out of every five do, and they are always happy with the end result! And what’s more my services are more afforable than you might think, so go on, get in touch and let’s see if we can work together on your next big presentation.

You can reach me by email @
And why not  add me on twitter @clearpreso
Or you can check out my full site at

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