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Saying you are “Super-excited” makes you sound like a child…

November 8, 2012

… And not a very smart child at that!

What is it with the people (esp the tech community) describing everything as “super-cool” or “super-exciting” or “super-insert word here”. There are other words out there you know, and they won’t make you seem like an excitable teen who has just bought a super-tasty mocha in Starbucks. In fact this “super” practice belongs in the same category as “omg” and describing even the most mundane of things as “awesome”.

You can forgive the average Joe on the street for throwing out the S word a lot, but I find it is worst with the (tech) journalists, the wordsmiths of our time. It was in fact a video review on the otherwise excellent “The Verge” website that worked me up into this tizzy. In one short video review, Joshua Topolsky (editor-in-chief of the site), who I do really like, described the iPad mini in the following terms:

Super-thin and super-light


I dont know if they are looking at it as a super-cheap version of the iPad

And then most ridiculously…

The iPad mini starts at a not super-cheap $329″

Are you serious… “not super-cheap”… I don’t think I would have been allowed to hand in assignments in highschool with that level of English, lets hold ourselves up to a high standard please.

(Here’s a fun place to find out how much the “super” epidemic has spread, checkout the tweet stream for the word “super”:

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