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Interested in a Data Visualiation Course?… I know I am

April 16, 2012

I have had my eyes on a course run in IADT called the “Certificate in Data Visualisation” for quite some time now – by all accounts it seems quite awesome (see their site here), and at €575 for TWENTY weeks of one lecture per week it seems pretty affordable to me (€28.75 per class).

The only problem is that IADT seem to be doing their best to NOT promote this course, I found out too late last year to apply, but it didn’t matter because the course didn’t proceed anyway because not enough people applied.

This course sounds great, understanding and communicating data is an important skill for us all, and will continue to become more and more important in our professional lives. The course outline says:

For the purposes of Data Visualisation, processing information involves analysis and communication. Information is analysed to assess the presence of  interesting patterns and structures in data while the results of this analysis need to be communicated effectively. This course seeks to improve the efficiency of information processing by offering a visual, practical and hands-on approach to the analysis and communication of data. This facilitates the transformation of data into knowledge.

What topics will I study?

  • Representing data in one, two and higher dimensions
  • Apply best practice principles for the graphical communication of data
  • Explore data sets using dynamic and interactive software tools
  • History, current trends and emerging themes in data visualisation
So if you have any interest in communicating information in a better manner send in an application, I know I will and I’m hoping my efforts here can get a few more people to apply this year so the course can go ahead! (If IADT would like to give me sales commission I won’t say no…). The first round of applications have to be in by May 10th so get on it!
Send me a tweet to @clearpreso if you read this and plan on joining me in my application.
So check out their site and send in an application, and then we can all become as awesome at Dataviz as Hans Rosling
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